Kind words of support and feedback.

From time to time, clients provide feedback about our work together. I hope you find these testimonials useful and interesting. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss setting up a consultation.

Erin. D – (20’s).

From day one I felt safe and supported, and that I could be open about anything that was troubling me without fear of judgment. In the past, I had seen quite a few psychologists and counsellors, but this was the first time I really felt understood and that the sessions were worthwhile.

Over two years with Reed as my therapist, I came to a place where I was able to remember my goals and dreams, and I became excited about the future. It was quite a life-changing feeling.

Annabel. C – (40’s).

Reed is professionalism, warmth, persistence and expertise all wrapped up in a really wonderful human being.  I can’t recommend him enough.

Anne. M – (50’s).

Thank-you so much for your kindhearted insight, compassion and support of me. My time with you is very precious and I will hold it close to my heart always.

Steve. P – (40’s).

Reed is a thoughtful and professional therapist. He recently helped my partner and me during a very difficult time. We now feel like our relationship is back on track. Thank you, Reed, for all your support, for your blog posts (which I often go back to and re-read) and your consistent and non-judgemental approach.

Cam & Angie – (30’s).

We have been attending couples counselling for over a year now.  We first approached Reed as we are a young married couple and our past baggage and fears were impacting the relationship.  Reed instantly put us at ease by providing a safe and professional environment where we could be vulnerable.

Thanks to Reed, we now have the tools and communication skills to work through any external or self-inflicted challenge that may arise.  With much thanks and gratitude.

Libby. B – (50’s).

Reed has been the most wonderful counsellor over the past two years.  From the start, I trusted him and felt safe to tell my story.  Over time,  I felt he was holding a place for me to let go of my shame and grief that had dominated my life for over 20 years.

I am no longer drinking alcohol – which I was using to self medicate – and now feel I can like myself again and feel a sense of peace.  Reed gave me practical resources to continue on my path of peace and self love which have been invaluable.  I am sincerely grateful to Reed and would highly recommend him.