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A fee-free, online counselling service for friends, family, or perhaps just you.

I’ve worked with many people over the years, which has been a rich and rewarding experience. Sometimes I like to bend time a little and imagine all of the people who are connected to my people. Inevitably, this takes me to a place of very clear mind.

All people Need people.

The ApNp Program (see what I did there) will provide access to fee-free counselling. Regrettably, this is a very finite resource. Sarah will be your Counsellor, and this support is only possible because she has agreed to facilitate this service.

This program is a key component of her final post-grad training. The qualification allows Sarah to work and register as a Counselling Clinician.

The ApNp Counselling Service is delivered online via Zoom by Sarah Parker, our Post-Graduate Counselling Intern. Scheduled in blocks of 4 one-hour consults, it is open to all people who require therapeutic counselling supports which are person-centred, trauma-informed, and gender-affirmative.

Sessions are fee-free and all things being well, potentially ongoing – but dependant on Sarah’s availability. We envisage that the program will run for about 8-10 weeks. So … get on it chickadees! This is a moment in time.

We ask that you commit to this service in blocks of 4 one-hour sessions, scheduled in regular weekly or fortnightly intervals. It truth, the program in this iteration can only accommodate 4-6 clients over a 6-10 week period.

This program is built around the idea that we probably all know someone who would benefit from having a skilled person – counselling trained – to check in with on a regular basis. Youknowwhatimsaying.

All I can say is “there’s no time like the present”. Please reach out to that special person and let them know about the service. Please keep in mind, counselling works best when clients are willing participants.

We do not work with mandated clients. That means you can’t strong-arm your friend into therapy. No matter what.

Sadly, you will forfeit your regular spot if you miss any 2 sessions in your block of 4. I know it sounds harsh – but sometimes it’s just not the right time. We also know that many people will be on our waitlist with crossed fingers.

You can choose to stop doing sessions at any point. To do or not to do therapy is entirely your decision, so if it doesn’t feel right, tell us, and we will do our best to wrap things up well. Endings in therapy really do need to go well. It feels better all round. It also opens up the space for others to start.

I am looking forward to having a buddy at work, and I imagine our therapy chats and formal supervision will inevitably circle back to some deep and fascinating therapy topics.

My interests as a Supervisor and Educator often sit around themes like relational depth, being with instead of doing to, authentic attending, and embodying therapeutic competence. That’s therapist speak for ‘my job is great!’.

I wish I had better news ... the ApNp service is now at capacity!

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